What is Leptitox?

Leptitox is a dietary supplement used with the goal of helping people lose weight primarily through belly fat. The supplement is ingested orally and decreases the appetite of the user. Some of the ingredients in this supplement are also clinically proven to help aid in weight loss through decreased appetite mechanisms. This supplement is available over the counter and can be taken in capsules like any other pill.


How does it work?

Leptitox ingredients work by hormonal control in the body. This works because the fat cells in your body release a hormone called “leptin.” This hormone is responsible for controlling feelings of hunger. Interestingly, if your body has a low level of leptin, then you will feel hungry, even if your body actually isn’t. Typically the only way to increase leptin levels is to eat more, yet your body will quickly create a resistance to this and continue to have a low level of leptin. It’s a feedback loop that results in you gaining weight. Leptitox however, works to decrease the leptin resistance. This means every time you eat food, the amount of leptin in your body will remain consistent or even high. Thus, reducing the feeling of hunger, you experience.


Leptitox ingredients.

The creator and founder of Leptitox traveled the world looking for answers to the leptin resistance issue. IT was in Malaysia, where he found several active ingredients that could help this problem. He worked on creating the perfect recipe which could help people reduce weight, and brought it back to the US. That recipe includes milk thistle, an ingredient with proven anti-=aging effects. Milk thistle helps the body maintain a better balance of healthy cholesterol and aids in the detoxification of BPA from the body. Another ingredient is apium graveolen seed. This chemical also aids in the body’s ability to detoxify certain chemicals found in many plastics today. Jujube is also used as an endocrine disrupter and detoxifies ZEA, which is found in certain plastic as well.

You can also check youtube to find videos that explain all the INCI’s:

Leptitox ingredients continued

You can also find grape seed in this weight supplement. This is used to cleanse the body of harmful compounds and helps the body fit against cadmium, resulting in more healthy blood pressure. There are four ingredients all shown to help the body in detoxification from harmful compounds and chemicals. What stuck out to the founder of Leptitox was that these chemicals, when combined, could help burn fat and help the body reverse decreased leptin levels.


Benefits of taking Leptitox

With a growing body of users number over 166,000, Leptitox has many benefits aside from just weight loss support. Leptitox, due to its ingredients, also helps the user feel like they have more energy, a clearer head, and lower stress levels. The ingredients also promote better chart health, improved sex drive, thicker hair, and stronger joints.